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~ adj. arrhythmic; spontaneous; an irregular beat.

hi, i'm drake. 17. usa.
i'm a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything. (except spiders, oh god.)
i'm kind of awesome and somewhat sexy, according to my friend, but it's not for me to say. xD
i like anime and my taste in music spans light years.
(what then, jr. trainer?! I USED IT RIGHT HAHA)
some of my favorite games include pokemon and okami.
there are several things i haven't done that i'd like to do someday.
i use lots of emoticons, as i find they decently express my opinion.
when i don't use them, i seem frighteningly serious, according to most people i know.
i'm a man of few secrets, so long as you ask questions! <3

hmm... even if you're here by some twist of fate, i'd bet you'd find we have a lot in common. c:

i have just about every messenger, and i frequent irc, so if you ever want to talk, just message and ask~?

kilubye <3
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